As a total plastic processing provider, we have the systems, people, and facilities to meet a wide variety of customer needs.

一貫生産 充実の設備

“Integrated production” is Sanwa Factory’s largest strength. All plastic processing steps can be completed at our company, resulting in the ability to reduce turnaround times and costs as well as respond to our customers’ detailed needs.

現場主義の信頼 ダイレクトなコミュニケーション

Sanwa Factory does not have dedicated sales staff. Our manufacturing and technical staff works with customers for smooth and direct communication of ideas.

小ロットから対応 小回りのきく生産体制

We accept orders from several units to tens of thousands of units, and make use of our extensive equipment to manufacture and process a wide variety of products and sizes. This facilitates the development process for new product improvement, etc. and prevents product loss.